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Water Curtain Projection For Advertising

Water Curtain Projection For Advertising

Water Curtain Projection For Advertising

Product Details

The water screen movie is created by high pressure water pump and specially made water screen generator, the water falls from up to down shooting at high speed, after atomization it formed the fan shaped screen , and the specially made movie is projected to the water screen , then the water screen movie is created . As the screen is transparent, the optics effect will happen when it’s playing, and the visual penetrating ability of the screen can make the picture looks more solid, the content of the movie can combine with the water wonderfully. 


The water screen movie projector is composed by mechanic equipment, controlling frame, RS322 communication plug, software, time signal interface and DMX512 plug. The motor of this projector is controlled by optical sensors with high accuracy. There are 3 different types of controlling methods: program compiling control, direct control and practical program control.


Laser show system is created using the laser bundle from the laser generator upon the water film shot by the water screen fountain plug, which reflects special pattern, words and images. The laser bundles are controlled by laser controlling system computer program compiling, and can make different patterns and colors, which shines upon the transparent water film, and form the splendid result. The laser technology is the hi-tech optics technology integrated with sound, lights, electricity and mechanics.

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