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Design of fountain water screen technology

Water curtain movie is a beam of light shines on the surface, showing a strong stereo effect of multimedia technology. Movie produced in the late 80 's of the last century, but only in its early days in France, and Japan and some other big cities of the country. Because the movie has a unique optical effects when the movie playback, color fresh and vivid, captions clearer.

Movie was by high pressure pumps and special water generator, the water from the bottom up, high-speed Jet, formed after the spray fan "silver screen" by a special projector to project specially made video "screen" to form the movie. When viewers watch films, fan-shaped water one with the natural night sky, when the character images, character make take off or fallen from the sky, produces a sense of vague and dreamy, fascinating. Like a magic fountain design! Movie projectors controlled by a mechanical device, support, communication, software, time signals and DMX512 interface interface.

Engine of the projector by means of optical sensing and control, high precision, there are three control methods: programming control, direct control and practical program. Water as high as more than 20 meters, width of 30-50 meters, all kinds of VCD discs or water screen-specific films are played on water curtain, unique video effects, novel and is an excellent advertising tool, various plazas and wide open surface water film can be installed.

Water curtains are usually as high as more than 20 meters, width of 30-60 meters, movie playback picture has a strong feeling and a sense of space, people seemed to take off or fallen from the sky, one with the natural night sky, produces a sense of vague and dreamy, with laser pattern, scene is even more grand, magnificent. The movie applies to major festival, large square, the theme park site.

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