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Design of the dry fountain

Dry fountain, also known as a dry fountain, dry-type fountain, called dry spray. It is the fountain facilities located in underground, sprinklers and lights set in the mesh cover. Spray, spray out water through the cover plate or Granite paving out holes to reach neither effect of leisure spaces and ornamental fountains. Is worth to watch the musical fountain is located. Pool, sprinklers, lights are hidden beneath the cover, the water column through small holes between the cover plate cover plate out, do not spray the surface clean and open.

Do not spray water, can be used by pedestrians, not to obstruct traffic. Dryland fountain takes up no recreational space and fountains, provide near-water play places for tourists. Surface decorated with smooth and beautiful stones, laid into different patterns and forms. Spray with water, the Lantern show against charm. Dryland fountain suitable for hotels, parks, malls, buildings, street community and other places.

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