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Large Musical Fountain And Running Fountain Water Scenery Project In The Lake Of Yangzhou New Energy Tiger Leopard Haodifang

Haodifang project covered the land of nearly 480 mu (1 mu=0.0667 hectares), which is modern Chinese style large scale high quality culture & leisure residential area.The matching water scenery designing is also abundant with many varieties. The project stressed circumstances.Various spouting fountains were independently and uniformly constructed including large scale lake musical spouting fountains, river course combinated spouting fountains, bright fountains, jumping fountains, cold fog, water curtain and falling water etc..

The water features were referred to the most beautiful water scenery in the world -"Las Vegas".From each detail, the scenery of harmonious blending between human being and water can be seen, which is a landscape painting full of elegance.This project totally ware adopted 15 sets of strongly amusing jumping fountains and 16 sets of bright fountains. The jumping fountain was designed with total length around 45 meters, which implements the jumping show with different length by the controlling system, and it could activate the entire fountain system. The water columns spouted from bright fountains is very clean which could be touched and passed by, but the water drop will not fall on your body. Because it is supplied with circulating water.






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