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Musical Water Fountain And Digital Water Curtain In Shanghai Jinshan Seafood Square

The musical water fountain was installed Shanghai Jinshan Seafood Cuisine Square which was one of key supporting projects of World Expo.This music spouting fountain project was composed by many digital fountains.When it works, two columns suddenly spout cross and scatter.The nozzles can simultaneously or separately swing and rotate at crossed direction, which can rotate at 360 degree maximally. By means of swaying it can increase spouting water shapes and patterns variation.The project system has adopted high technology content and advanced technology.

The water curtain film spouts the water at high speed by using high pressure water pump and water curtain generator.The film is transparent water film which has a type of special optical effect when playing the video. The screen's visual penetrability enables the picture have three-dimension feeling.The curtain film content skillfully combines the water surface with the fan shape water curtain,which is integrated into the natural night sky, making the audiences have the feeling of being personally in the scene and firing with imagination.






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