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Phase 1-3 Water Fountains Project In Zhejiang Shangyu International Times Square

Shangyu International Times Square is located in the Shangyu northern new district which is the core mark of modern commerce & trade.The water fountains projec consist of 3 main unique fountains. Phase I the square spouting fountain project was mainly adopted european style square designing, containing many sculpture spouting fountains, tree-ice nozzles, falling water and upwelling spring spouting fountains. For Phase II the spouting fountain modification project in pedestrian street scenery, it mainly stressed the scenery axis feeling of the pedestrian street.The fountain scenery as the visual center focused on creating the general circumstance of leisure and commerce for the pedestrian street. Phase III was the Leidisen Winning Hotel spouting fountain project.The spouting fountains ornaments connect the water system of the entire block.Water scenery is arranged crossing building ornaments and plantings. And various water shapes and lights colors attract people to stop and linger.







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