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Lattice Type Dry Fountain And Water Scenery Wall Fountain In Sanya Mid-Peninsula




Sanya Mid-Peninsula Water Scenery Project is mainly featured with lattice type dry fountain and game water scenery wall. The Lattice type dry fountain nozzle is located at the bottom of the cover plate.When it starts operating, the water column is spouted through granite paving holes. The fountain control system was used single-pump and single-point frequency conversion technology so that the water column could change its height.The ground lamp used single-ball 3W three-primary-colors LED color-changing lamps which could change color according to rhythm changing of the music. The game water scenery wall used narrow flow type side-wall spouting fountain and cold fog. It has advanced engineering technology, emphasizing on water-loving and safety features.The spouting fountain can be enjoyed and played, which is unique in the entire Sanya region.



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