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Waterwall Fountain Pond Fountain Sculpture Fountain Combined Integrated Project In Wuxi Hemu Homeland

The central garden of Wuxi Hemu Homeland created the noble model of ideal residential place with ubiquitous water vision.The wanderful water fountain consisted of indoor water curtain foutain,pond fountain and statue foutain. Various ornament fountains were uniquely designed, matching elegantly with sceneries of the community. Whereof the bright fountain was even a type of high-tech water scenery art, the water is spouted from the nozzle with special effects in elegant shape.The falling water has lower sound and is not scattered. Without water dragging phenomenon, the water shape looks like pieces of crystal clear ice column. It concentrically sets the light source with spotlight convex lens, which enhanced the entertaining features of spouted water column at night.Spouting water column is clear, transparent and bright with good light traceability.






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