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Fountain Design Lighting And Electrical Design Principles

Lighting lamps are commonly used in fountain equipment, especially widely used in fountains. Once the lamp is damaged or seal failure will be leakage of water charged, be the biggest hidden trouble of water security. Such as structural strength, in the fountain pool water fluctuations or strongly affected by other external force extremely easy to damage, light seal reliability, plastic aging rapidly in the sunshine. Coupled with national norms in the area of water is not very perfect, porous security issues. Therefore, the design and construction of domestic water safety norms should conduct a detailed study on, producing a tight and workable norms to ensure personal safety.
Fountain lighting and electrical design in the absence of isolation, accessible or engage in more water, you must follow the size code for design of electric 12 v safety voltage, use body should be fully shielded high intensity lamps inside the shell, the lamp housing should be reliable. Lamp set location should also consider the use of object such as a pipe sprinkler protected. Such as when a transmission distance should be taken to improve the pressure drop of the output voltage of the cable. Between high and low voltage winding of transformer insulation should be ensured, it is best to separate junior secondary, transformer cores should be grounded. When the lamp is installed power is large, consider in the water next to the nearest setting transformer. Due to special needs must when using the high pressure lamps such as halogen lamps, must use a isolation transformer, must under no circumstances use of leakage protection switch, in order to ensure personal safety.

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