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Fountain Pumps In The Equipment Selection And Commissioning?

Along with economic development, social progress, and people's living environment is more and more high, artificial waterfall, artificial streams, handsome fountain, fountains and other water features in dryland facilities in city square, Park, plant, living quarters and other completion. Waterscape design and construction involved a number of professional skills, such as building construction, plumbing, electrical and other relevant projects, design and construction must acquire the relevant knowledge, in order to create a satisfactory water features.
As a professional fountain company, today for all fountain fountain pumps in the equipment selection and common debugging problems.
Many water features to save floor space or reduce the cost of engineering, no pump submersible pump for hydraulic lifting equipment. Centrifugal pump submersible pump equipment reliability is much lower than at present.
According to the individual pump damage what problems will arise:
① is water often produces a local defect, styling is incomplete:
② Once the insulation may result in water pump electric, China already has a number of causes of pump leakage resulting in casualties. Using centrifugal pumps, pipe length increases, be equipped with a pumping station, and construction cost increase.
Therefore, the development of high reliability pump, is a key to reducing water project cost. In terms of maintenance of centrifugal pumps are submersible pumps incomparable advantages, you can maintain long-term reliable running water works, but a one-time investment. In real life, even if the distance between fountain pools separated by dozens of meters, the pool and the number of Chi Zhi asked nozzle varies, but in order to save investment costs, often with a single pump in the same system will offer several fountain nozzles. Such caused construction units in debugging in the appeared many problem, dang pump run Hou 30min around will appeared all small water volume not are, has "catchment Tower first have months" of phenomenon, as: some fountain water will immediately rose, water from surrounding base Shang roll and Xia; some fountain within wave each other beat, like marine like liberator, occasionally has sporadic water points floating out; some fountain level keep neutral, not high not low, slightly wave in surging: some fountain within of water immediately dry, drop not save. The practice analysis, resulting in imbalances in the fountain pool water causes: the main fountain pool water surface elevation, Shui Jingchi different layout from the pump near, fountain nozzle number reset, piping layout is not reasonable, and so on.
To solve the above problems, need to do the following two things:
1) in the fountain of the water under static conditions, unify all fountains all fountains overflow nozzle elevation, unified stream high, uniform fill each fountain water level elevation;
2) in various fountains of water supply line and water line increasing the regulating valve. Amendments to three elevations and increased valve, water pump. Each fountain nozzles the water flow and water flow to each regulating valve to regulate, eventually reached the pool water water balance.

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