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How Do Musical Fountain Designed In Dry Areas?

With the improvement of people's living standards, demands on the spiritual life have increased gradually, musical fountains and other water features landscape is getting into people's lives, people's life, an important part of the entertainment, running fountains without water, so what to do in areas where water scarcity fountain design?
A successful water feature design is inseparable from the various elements, so the water should be on the whole design. The contrast on the subject out of the water. Water is colorless and invisible, so on the background of waterscape design in the environment. This includes lighting, color, music, the surrounding green environment. Only full consideration to them as a whole, will receive satisfactory results. Only when combined with other elements, forming a whole image on the environment, thereby better landscaping.
Some water-deficient areas in China, generally facing shortage of water resources, wastewater pollution of the environment, clean water becomes more precious, so to take full account of in the design of water environment.
In waterscape design in the water-deficient areas in addition to embody the principle of less, but would also like to note the interest and participation of the people in the design, in the world of human activity into the water. People feel the environment is not only derived from the vision, including touch, hearing, and smell, so the water just to watch enough, allow people to participate in water activities and water experience, truly reflects the designer's concern to individuals. The large fountain only open one or two times a year, in a sense has lost value.
Waterscape design in the water-deficient areas, not only to save resources but also give full play to the potential value of water, to make full use of natural ponds, lakes, and other water resources, reduce the excavation of a large area of water, in a small but excellent win, you can use dots or lines of water form. Also should note that due to the loop surface is narrow, limited capacity should be considered in the design of water circulation and cleaning, to "running water is never stale."

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