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Musical Fountain In The Development Of Home And Abroad

The fountain origin early, already built in the 6th century BC in the hanging gardens of Babylon fountain. Ancient Greece times has gradually developed into a decorative fountain springs of drinking water. There is a saying that, fast method of bathing water fountains originated in the Islamic countries. In Islamic gardens, fountains or along the axis, or as a local Centre of the composition. Renaissance fountain technology has a great deal of development, this period of fountains and statues, columns, decorative, pool with landscaping. Famous fountains such as Italy East of Villa's famous "Bai Quan trail" Ryan off fountains and canals. Interesting sound design was engaged in water. Such as the famous fountain of the OWL, a group of bronze bird chirp, OWL after a scream, suddenly silent, stop for a moment, copper bird noise again. Fountains with statues, fold down the falls combine landscape, such as Villa del Este "water organ" and so on.
17-18 century, the fountain was very popular in European cities. Famous as France Versailles fountains of the Sun God, Russian Peter waterfall fountain with a statue of the Palace. Over more than 3,000 fountains of Rome, known as the city of fountains. Some fountain with deep moral pieces, such as Yu Lian fountain in Brussels. It depicts a urinating children intently, legend has it that the enemy to blow up the city's treasures after the occupation of Brussels, less than William found the burning fuse, Szechwan fuse sprinkled with a bubble of urinary; treasures survived, hero heroic sacrifice. In recognition of his achievements, this fountain was built in 1619.
In 20th century, large water fountain into a sculpture, used to create water in various forms. Such as Le Leman Lake Geneva is on the cloud table fountain, built in 1958, it used two 1360 HP pumps, the water spray to a height of 145 metres. At night, giant searchlights shining silver Jet sky, the scenery is spectacular.
Ancient fountain
Nature of Chinese classical garden, to elegant plain static and full of rustic charm. Emphasis on natural water gardens water States of representation. Dynamic effects on the artificial water fountains is seldom used.
The Han Shu code post reads: in the Han dynasty in shanglin "stress on the River, copper dragons, copper immortal title water Cup betting" facilities.
Record of the Chia on records: "Tang daihua Qing Yu Tang Chi" double Bai Shilian, Weng poured out of the mouth, spring, spouting White Lotus ".
Dong's West, descriptions of the book of Luoyang gardens have water poured out among the flowers in the garden. Water saved, such as built in the Southern Song dynasty tricolor (1241-1252) of Hangzhou huanglong cave Dragon spit.
In 18th century, Western fountains into the country.
1747 Western building built by Emperor Qianlong in the Qing dynasty Summer Palace "Harmonious Wonder", "Haiyan Tang", "big water" three fountains. "Big water" in the central pool of ten bronze dog, salvo Rapids, bronze deer, known as the "Hound Chase." "Haiyan Tong", wearing robes of Rohan "12 animals" like, every animal can spray water to the hour. This is water by manually operated mechanical water-dragon-tailed vehicle rotation increased formation of high water, controlled by the machine, every one hour (two hours) consists of 12 Chinese zodiac signs followed by spraying water at noon, 12 zodiac as well as spraying of water.
With the development of urban modernization, China has double show in Beijing parks in city square, Temple of heaven Park and built a time-controlled fountains, colorful voice-activated Mobile fountain, fountain and micro-computer controlled music fountain.

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