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Musical Fountain Perfect Match Can Enjoy The Good Music!

With the gradual improvement of people's living standard, the effort to enjoy more and more attention to, in order to enrich people's lives, and all kinds of facilities was built up. Musical fountain is a very popular recreational facilities in recent years, the advent of reactions is also very good. Gradually into the laser musical fountain was raised, enhancing Visual effects, giving light sensual total experience. Musical fountain Laser musical fountain consists of a laser system, automatic graphics switching systems, computer control system, electric control system, galvanometer scanning system accuracy. Luminous efficiency is mainly controlled by the galvanometer scanning precision system, laser projected on to a mirror of the scanning system, using reflection and refraction to form patterns and characters. By scanning the frequency control system can create various graphic effects, fountain of wit. Characteristics of laser musical fountain is a graphics rich, brightly colored, and can form a colorful landscape, coupled with its rapid tempo changes, could very well catch the viewer's eye, triggering a rapport with the audience.

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