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Status And Prospect Of China CNC Applicator

Origin, CNC head

NC nozzle of origin Yu 1998, when fantasy home Americans shidifu·weien wants to in Las Vegas built a seat Italy Bellagio type of big hotel, its most main of landscape is Hotel Qian big pool within built a will dance of music fountain, he put this idea told has famous waterscape company WET of founder make·fule, make·fule to achieved shidifu·weien this dream, composition has a powerful of technology and troupe team: by United States space engineering experts mainly of personnel composition products technology development group ; By famous of AI beauty Award winner United States dancer Kenni·wotejia led music fountain dance water type design; by two times Oscar composer Award winner jilade·shuerman led on fountain for music composer creation, this world Shang most great most luxury of waterscape development team, eventually in Las Vegas achievements has world Shang most great most romantic of music fountain-Bellagio music fountain, its maximum of highlights is first times to world show has will dance of fountain-NC nozzle and spectacular of Super striker gas burst springs. By WET design and installation company of Dubai's large musical fountain, more CNC applicator used to a higher level. So far no one can.

Second, the history of China's CNC head

China of NC nozzle origin Yu 2000, by famous fountain waterscape technology Dean Zhong Zhenmin teacher first organization development, created has China NC nozzle of history, when Zhong Zhenmin teacher organization development of China first Taiwan NC nozzle, is belongs to II dimension NC nozzle, vertical swing angle is 110 degrees, base can horizontal 360 degrees unlimited rotating, domestic first a using NC nozzle of engineering is 2001 Tianjin days Tower Lake King engineering, with of is this nozzle.

Numerical control nozzle technology was developed by NC nozzle hardware and the control software consists of two aspects, as a high-tech water products, numerical control nozzle technology requires technical and artistic talents of joint research, as well as a large number of capital investment. But domestic most engineering to minimum price bid of status, serious restricted has domestic waterscape enterprise in development Shang input of enthusiasm, domestic NC nozzle in quality and technology Shang had long-term exists larger gap, products quality of high fault rate, makes domestic heart using NC nozzle of enterprise also have prohibitive, engineering in the can't again design NC nozzle of water type, serious effect has NC nozzle of development.

Bitter experience with China's development of the fountain, fountain people in China do not meet in the technology behind the status quo for a long time, in recent years, the fountain under the joint efforts of the people in China, CNC head won the breakthrough developments in manufacturing technology. To NC nozzle of volume for cases, currently domestic NC nozzle of volume more delicate, United States WET of NC nozzle spray up to 30 meters, its products overall has 2 meters more high, and also reached spray water height requirements of China II dimension NC nozzle, like shook his head Dragon II dimension NC nozzle, overall height only has 0.6 meters, a dimension NC nozzle more only 0.2 meters high, and in innovation development Shang go independent development of road, and no blindly cottage United States. Shook his head Dragon II dimension NC nozzle, is world Shang first a can in vertical plane and level plane Shang unlimited 360 degrees rotating of NC nozzle; and in NC nozzle of spray high height Shang, United States WET company currently NC nozzle of spray high height, in engineering Shang using of, only 30 meters, its hose water structure decided has fountain height again to Shang increased hard, and shook his head Dragon a dimension II dimension NC nozzle, used hard tube structure water, NC nozzle do spray high 50 meters is is easily of. Therefore, as a Chinese water companies, there's no need for foreign inferiority, just dare to dare and do and are able to develop people without technology. However, on the NC head of China, the biggest drawback is the NC head control programming and artistic expressive force and far abroad, believes China's fountain business must rely on their own efforts, to catch up.

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