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Structure Design Of Fountains

To the large pool, cast-concrete structure is the most commonly used. In order to guarantee watertight and waterproof concrete is suitable. In order to prevent cracks, proper configuration of steel. Large pool should also take account of appropriate settlement expansion joints, seams, these structural joints should be water, filled with flexible caulk material.

Pool connected to sewer, water pumping, etc, also suitable for settlement joint and leak-proof treatment also.

Fountain pools pool wall of granite, glazed decorative veneer can be used, but using waterproof mortar.

Construction of pools and pool walls at the end of practice, according to the specific design may vary.

Tube through the bottom and outer wall to take containment measures are generally set waterproof casing. In May the main vibration places should have flexible waterproof casing.

Pool sets the overflow is to maintain a certain amount of water level in sewage and surface, keep the water clean, common form of overflow weir, funnel-style, mouthpiece, connecting tube, and can be selected according to the specific circumstances. Large pool if an overflow does not meet the requirements, can be set up several, but it should be evenly arranged in pool, overflow locations should not affect the appearance, and easy to clear the dirt and dredge pipeline. Overflow face-grid or grid should be established, to prevent a large floating debris blocked pipeline. Grid gaps or screen mesh diameter should not be greater than the pipe diameter of 1/4.

In order to facilitate the cleaning, repair and prevent disabled or frozen water corruption, basin sink should be established, the pool should be used for gravity discharge, suction nozzle of the pump and could also be used as a sink, use pump discharge. Entrance of the sink should also set grid or grid, grid gap and mesh diameter not greater than the pipe diameter of 1/4 as well, of course, also be decided according to the pump impeller clearance.

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