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The Weather Becomes Warmer, Enjoy The Fountain Should Pay Attention To Safety

Whether it is a scenic park, fountain view always attract many tourists stopped to watch, especially the little kids love for playing with water, splendid column is filled with wonder and surprise, they like to play running in the water column and many children like to play in the fountain pools, but these acts there is a big security risk. Below we give a few examples:
Beijing Park fountain leakage accident, in which one man and two pet dogs died of electric shock.
In 2003, Chengdu Longquan music square musical fountain wounded little girl, 8 years old
In 2013, the Enshi of a small boy in new culture center square fountains play, step into the musical fountain, washing up on the air after nearly 2 meters to the ground, nose and lip bleeding spots, burst open.
Fountain by power driven fountain under the ground with wires and other electrical equipment, wires and aging equipment, routine maintenance and cannot fully eliminate the security risks of leakage, fountain, once running, such as entering the fountain, there is risk of electric shock may occur.
Water fountains is channelled through pumps and high pressure, fountains can spew up to 10 meters above the water, water sprayed out of the moment, very fast, the impact will be very large, easily hurt. In addition, the water in the fountain belongs to recycling, can easily be contaminated, and the slippery ground fountain, people can easily slip.
Under normal circumstances, fountain leakage accident probability is very small, but the fountain is paved in pumps, wires and water spray equipment such as ageing, it may cause leakage accident, if there are personnel in the fountain, the consequences are unimaginable.
In this regard, please do not ignore fountains hidden dangers, enjoying the scenery and play at the same time, don't forget safety.

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