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What Is A Programmable Automation Controller?

PAC (Programmable Automation Controller programmable automation controller) is a recent term industrial control field, which combines PLC (Programmable Logic Controller PLC) and PC (Personal Computer personal computer) the advantages of each, PC powerful calculation ability, communication process, A wide range of third-party software and PLC reliable, sturdy, easy to use features make the best together. Famous ARC Advisory Group of industry experts from the Group that "programmable automatic control PAC provides open industry standards, extension of domain functionality, general development platforms, as well as other advanced features. Both now and in the future, the PAC will play an extremely important role in the field of production automation. "

Although judging from the shape, very similar to traditional PLC and PAC, but their essence, PAC performance is much more extensive. As a multifunctional control platform, the user can according to the need, mix and match technologies and products to achieve the function of emphasis, because based on the same development platform to develop, so the PAC system is adopted to ensure that the functions of the control system modules are unified, rather than a completely put together a collection of unrelated components.

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