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  • Fountain Lighting
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    Fountain Lighting

    We provide many LED lights for water fountains(water fountain lights, fountain LED lights, submersible lights, fountain lights underwater),such as floor fountain lights and underwater lights. All lights are with stainless steel shell....
  • Fountain Nozzle
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    Fountain Nozzle

    T.Y. Fountain supplies the highest quality of fountain nozzles and equipments. We emphasize the importance in the quality of the water effect, always using materials such as high-grade brass,bronze and 316L stainless steel to support...
  • Fountain Control
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    Fountain Control

    Fountain Control System has the function of music collection and controlling some procedures of working.This is a very important part of a fountain project.The control system mainly consists of fountain director,LED...
  • Fountain Speaker
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    Fountain Speaker

    Fountain speakers are always known as fountain speakers, light show fountain speakers, water fountain speakers, water fountains speakers and light water speakers...
  • Fountain Pumps
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    Fountain Pumps

    Water feature pumps are used in a variety of landscaping and fountain projects to create a water feature or to help the functioning of a small, natural pond....
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