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water fountains for ponds

  • Garden Water Fountain
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    Garden Water Fountain

    Garden water fountain is specialized for the water fountains in gardens. It can create many shapes to make more enjoyment for gardens and landscape.The outside water fountains are usually found in garden pools for decoration.
  • Digital Water Fountain
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    Digital Water Fountain

    Digital water fountaincan be created by any graphic, logo or words with water used the water writing technique,which can projecting any type of content in high quality.
  • Pond Fountains
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    Pond Fountains

    Pond Water Fountain (also called large pond fountains, pond fountain kits, large pond fountain, water fountains for ponds) is installed in large pond . Different water shapes run out through different nozzles, accompanied by music,...
  • Lake Fountains
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    Lake Fountains

    Lake fountain is generally installed in a lake or river. Broadcasting system or musical signal is used to control live performance and lights of the outdoor water fountains which normally float.
  • Hotel Water Fountain
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    Hotel Water Fountain

    Hotel water fountain is installed in or out of a hotel. The fountain could be a attractive point for the hotel. Normally hotel fountain can be built indoor with small size or outdoor with big size.
  • Lighting water Fountain Show
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    Lighting water Fountain Show

    Water fountain show(also called water shows, fountain lights, fountain display, water light show, water fountain display) is a type of entertainment-oriented fountain that creates an aesthetic design and sometimes a three-dimensional image.
  • Plaza Water Fountain
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    Plaza Water Fountain

    Plaza water fountain is a fountain system installed under the ground of shopping centers or people squares for entertainment purpose.Although without the large lazer music fountains make people feel very shocked and cool...
  • Pool Fountains
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    Pool Fountains

    ​Pool fountains (also well know as pond fountains) is always installed in big swimming pools or small pools. Different water shapes run out through different nozzles, accompanied by music...
  • Park Water Fountain
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    Park Water Fountain

    Park water fountains(also known as fountain park pool, water park fountain, fountains park, water fountain park) is popular in city parks all over the world. It presents the high technology with water and music. People around the park...
  • Water Screen Projection
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    Water Screen Projection

    The water screen projection(also called water fountain screen, water screen movie, water screen, water display screen or projection on water) . The motor of this projector is controlled by optical sensors with high accuracy.
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