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Amazing Musical Dancing Fountain in the Greater Iqbal Park

The water dancing fountain was installed in Lahore which has becomea recent attraction for the people of Lahore. The fountain was installed in the Greater Iqbal Park.


Laser Musical Fountain Show In Dragon King Lake Of Zhaoyuan

The Dragon King Lake scenic area is a multi-functional urban ecological health resort of Zhaoyuan city. The large laser music fountain was built in Dragon King Lake.


Laser Musical Fountain Show In Qianlongqu Park Of Suzhou

The water area of "QianLongQu" Park covers an area of 25 hectares. The musical fountain sprays up to 80 meters high, it is designed with the concept of silkworm cocoon and the water columns look like the silks.


Large Musical And Dancing Fountain in Bali Island

The large musical fountain was designed and installed by T.Y.Fountain in 2015.It is located in Bali Island. T.Y. helped make the designing of this fountain project...


Large Musical Fountain of Shanghai Jinshan Government

The large musical fountain was located in the due south of Jinshan District Government Conference Center,which was the large scale musical fountain show themed in soaring.

spouting fountain

Large Scale Lake Music Fountain And Dry Fountain Project In Nigeria Central Park

This music fountain is Nigeria's largest spout fountain, which was designed and supplied by T.Y. Fountain.It was used professional musical fountain synchronous frequency conversion technology.

lake music fountain

60m Water Screen Film Stage Show In Bangkok Of Thailand

The wonderful and magic water curtain film show was designed and supplied by T.Y. Fountain. The water screen film show was held for celebrating the Thailand king's birthday in December 2014.


Big Water Screen & Laser Music Fountain Show In Changzhou

This big music fountain was installed near Changzhou Dinosaur Park.The graphic fountain was selected as of "Yangtze River Delta Expo theme demonstration of experience tour".

Digital Water Curtain And Digital Water Screen Film

Large Floating Music Fountain In The Lake Of Greening Exposition Garden in Nanjing Riverside Park

The Greening Exposition Garden in Nanjing Binjiang Park is built by the river.Once entering through the main gate,it appears the combined spouting fountain with water curtain and fog fountain.

large floating music fountain

Musical Fountain Project Of Jinshan Chemical Incubation Base In Shanghai

The music fountain is built in Shanghai jinshan chemical industry base. The fountain design skillfully used geographical advantages, echoed with the surrounding environment.

spouting fountain

Large Laser Fountain Show In The Park of Xiajiahe China

The large laser fountain show with high jet was installed in the park of Xiajia River Scenic Belt of Kunshan Economic Development Zone.This is the largest water fountain in this city which length is more than 100 meters.

large laser fountain show

Grand Musical Dancing Fountain In Nanjing Olympic Sports Center

Nanjing Olympic Sports Center is located in the center of Nanjing Hexi New Area.The grand musical spouting fountain is built on the most crucial position, which is the largest shining point of the Olympic Sports Center.

musical dancing fountain

New Moon Bay Starlight Bridge Waterfall Project In South Saigon Development Zone,Ho Chi Minh City

Taiwan Center Trade Development Co., Ltd., which has been in possession of 700 million us dollars.The running fountain is illuminated by waterfall curtain with multi-colors high-power LED underwater lamps...


Musical Water Fountain And Digital Water Curtain In Shanghai Jinshan Seafood Square

The musical water fountain was installed Shanghai Jinshan Seafood Cuisine Square which was one of key supporting projects of World Expo.This music spouting fountain project was composed by many digital fountains.


Musical Fountain Project Of Internationl Horticultural Exposition Qingdao

The International Horticultural Exposition in Qingdao is 2.41 square kilometers, investing billions. We designed the entertaining jump fountain for "Chinese Garden".

jump fountain

Grand Lifting Floating Musical Fountain in the Lake For The Purple Palace

Nanjing Purple Palace is located in the Zhongshan Scenic Area with beautiful scenes.The lifting floating fountain is built in the lake, which is concise & grand.The high jets, auxiliary jets and running fountains appear with more magnificent presence.

lifting floating Fountain

Grand Lifting Floating Musical Fountain In The Lake For Pearl City Of Wujiang County In Suzhou

This large lifting floating fountain was installed in the lake of Wujiang Pearl City which won the title of "top ten star buildings" in Suzhou.


Water Musical Fountain Scenery Project In Nanjing Eastern China Mall

The water musical fountain was installed in the square of Eastern China Mall of Nanjing Red Sun Group.The fountain used grand Ferris Wheel as the background, focusing on building the water show stage performance mode of musical fountain.

Water Musical Fountain

Floating Musical Fountain In Nanjing University of Technology

The musical floating fountain was disigned and built in Mirror Lake of Nanjing University of Technology.The musical fountain was got the reputation of "Top No.1 Musical Spouting Fountain of Universities in China".

floating fountain

Statue Water Fountain And Water Scenery Curtain Project In Luxury Residential Area, Shanghai Modena International Community

Modena International is one of the largest high-grade residential zones along the inner ring of Shanghai. The water scenery mainly focused on the European style gardens.


Lattice Type Dry Fountain And Water Scenery Wall Fountain In Sanya Mid-Peninsula

Sanya Mid-Peninsula Water Scenery Project is mainly featured with lattice type dry fountain and game water scenery wall. The Lattice type dry fountain nozzle is located at the bottom of the cover plate.

dry fountain

Large Musical Fountain And Running Fountain Water Scenery Project In The Lake Of Yangzhou New Energy Tiger Leopard Haodifang

Haodifang project covered the land of nearly 480 mu (1 mu=0.0667 hectares), which is modern Chinese style large scale high quality culture & leisure residential area.


Waterwall Fountain Pond Fountain Sculpture Fountain Combined Integrated Project In Wuxi Hemu Homeland

The central garden of Wuxi Hemu Homeland created the noble model of ideal residential place with ubiquitous water vision.The wanderful water fountain consisted of indoor water curtain foutain,pond fountain and statue foutain.


Dry Fountain Project In Shanghai Huarun Times Square

Shanghai Huarun Times Square is located in the Lujiazui commercial center.The dry spouting fountain in the square is composed by irregular lattice type fountains with beautiful water postures and concise water shapes.


Digital Water Curtain Project Of Suzhou Eastern China International Commercial Square

Digital water curtain is controlled water flow by using digital technology.The water curtain fountain releases water in stages and forms the hanging curtain.


Phase 1-3 Water Fountains Project In Zhejiang Shangyu International Times Square

Shangyu International Times Square is located in the Shangyu northern new district which is the core mark of modern commerce & trade.The water fountains projec consist of 3 main unique fountains.


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