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Water Fountain

  • 3D Digital Fountain
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    3D Digital Fountain

    3D digital fountain is the most advanced fountain technology,Because of its accurate machining process, highly advanced control technology, the Digital Control Spray Water Fountains Nozzle has been used in Las Vegas' music fountain...
  • 2D Digital Fountain
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    2D Digital Fountain

    2D Digital Swing Water fountain nozzle: can synchronously or solely swing and rotary in two dimensional directions, which can produce discretionary and tridimensional water shape. Installed on the frame of inlet/outlet intersectant...
  • Hotel Water Fountain
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    Hotel Water Fountain

    Hotel water fountain is installed in or out of a hotel. The fountain could be a attractive point for the hotel. Normally hotel fountain can be built indoor with small size or outdoor with big size.
  • Garden Water Fountain
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    Garden Water Fountain

    Garden water fountain is specialized for the water fountains in gardens. It can create many shapes to make more enjoyment for gardens and landscape.The outside water fountains are usually found in garden pools for decoration.
  • Park Water Fountain
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    Park Water Fountain

    Park water fountains(also known as fountain park pool, water park fountain, fountains park, water fountain park) is popular in city parks all over the world. It presents the high technology with water and music. People around the park...
  • Plaza Water Fountain
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    Plaza Water Fountain

    Plaza water fountain is a fountain system installed under the ground of shopping centers or people squares for entertainment purpose.Although without the large lazer music fountains make people feel very shocked and cool...
  • Dry Fountain
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    Dry Fountain

    Dry fountain is usually fountain in public squares and shopping centers since they provide playful water displays in a minimum of space. The dry deck fountain is installed underground.
  • JET Fountain
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    JET Fountain

    High jet fountain spouts out giant water columns powerfully. The water shape is strong and spaying up to the sky. The water column's height could be adjusted according to the size of the lake and the surrounding environment.The maximum...
  • Floating Fountain
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    Floating Fountain

    Floating fountain system is a kind of large fountain project for a lake or river. Based on floating system the floating water fountain can go up to the water surface while it works...
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